Motorcycles and gear

1What kind of clothes & riding gear should I bring?
We suggest casual wear suitable for warm weather with smart solutions for the occasional wind or rain.
Our routes will take you up the breezy mountains and down the boiling planes. It is important to have different layers to respond to the different temperatures.
You should at list pack cotton pants and/or jeans, shorts, bathing suit, short sleeve shirts and a sweater. With your favourite flip-flops bring a pair of soft shoes (e.g. trainers) for the hours off your bike. There will be no formal evenings requiring collar and tie.
Riding gear
Bring your helmet, riding jacket, pants, boots and gloves. The warmth levels of your gear should be for spring-summer temperatures and if they are not waterproof, bring a rain suit as well. Do not forget the sunglasses! Since motorcycle clothing is designed for safety and protection we do not recommend you ride with shorts and flip-flops.
2Are helmets required, and what is the alcohol limit in Greece?
Helmet is required by Greek Law. Motorcyclists have to wear a helmet at all times. You will be fined 750 Euros if you are caught not wearing a helmet, but you get 50% discount if you pay within 10 days! Despite rumours, police are very strict about drink driving in Greece. Therefore the policy of Odyssey Tours is to wait until we can relax at the end of the day to enjoy a drink.
3Can I bring my own bike?
You are more than welcome to bring your own bike, as you can see our prices and tours do include that option. However, you'll be responsible for its transportation overseas, service, insurance, Road Assistance etc.
4Should I bring with me special work tools?
Our guides and/or support vehicle drivers always carry with them a set of tools that can do the job in most cases. For the clients riding their own, we would definitely recommend to bring with them the specific tools their bike requests, including chain grease and a flat tire fixing kit.
5What happens if I break down while ridding one of your motorcycles?
Our motorcycles are covered with 24 hours Road Assistance that will transport your bike to a service professional. If you are on a guided / escorted tour then obviously your tour guide will take care of things; when riding an unguided tour our helpline will be open all day to assist you with the procedures. In the very unlikely event that we cannot fix the bike, we will provide a replacement bike. Replacement of bikes it is not always free of cost. Also although we will try to, we don't have an obligation to replace a motorcycle that has been rendered inoperable due to a traffic accident
6What if I damage your motorcycle, do you provide insurance?
We do provide motorcycle insurance. You are responsible for the deductible though, which will not be more than 2000 Euros depending on the model. You will be asked before the trip to approve a charge to your credit card in the event of damage to the motorcycle. For lowering the deductible, contact us about our VIP Insurance.
7I ride a Harley, Ducati, Triumph; can you provide one for me?
Being motorcyclist ourselves, we completely understand your motorcycle preferences. However, the nature of the Greek countryside road network (full of lesser quality tarmac roads, tight hairpins and switchback descents) encourages the use of on-off touring or medium size touring motorcycles like the BMWs we use, which offer great ease of handling under these conditions. Also, we only use one provider in order to have rental motorcycles in perfect condition, so availability on other models is limited, but we might be able to provide something different .
8I require a lower motorcycle, can you provide that?
We can provide lower models or ones with a lower seat. Please let us know of any special requests in advance.

The tours

1What side of the road do you drive on ?
In Greece we drive on the right-hand side of the road.
2How many riders are there on each tour ?
Each of our guided tours will have no less than 6 motorcycles. The maximum number of motorcycles depends on the destination and the character of the tour and varies from 12 to 20. The maximum number of participants for each tour is visible in the info section at all tour pages
3How much riding experience must I have to participate in one of your tpours ?
Most importantly you must have a valid motorcycle license and be over 25 years of age for insurance purposes. You should also have ridden a bike trip of three or four day’s duration and feel comfortable doing several 250 km days in a row. Our tours are designed with your comfort in mind, but there will be days where we will have to push-on these mountainous roads. Expect to meet riders with diverse riding styles and experience. However, speed won’t be an issue, since the guide will lead the group at a safe and comfortable pace, bike handling on the other hand is very important to have a safe and relaxed tour.
4How many guides are assigned to each tour ?
All our guided tours come with at least one experienced guide riding their own motorcycle for every 8 customer motorcycles. Some tours will also have the support vehicle driver who will be closely following the group. Odyssey might assign extra guides for specific tour days in case of large groups without extra cost.
5What else is possible to do besides riding ?
During the riding days we have prepared for you, suggestions for visiting museums, archaeological sites, locations of special interest or light activities that will enhance your overall trip experience. During the rest days there will be a wider choice of organised or casual activities to choose from. You just want to relax and read that book under the oak tree? You feel like teaming-up with the others for a casual exploration of nearby scenic locations? You want to try out mountain biking and then visit the local winery?…just take your pick and ask your Odyssey guide for the available activities at each location. This information is also available in advance before the tour starts.
6Do I need to ride all the time with the group ?
No, you can ride any leg of the tour at your own or choose your own riding companion. The only obligation is to meet the group at the arranged meeting points. If you wish to take an alternate route in remote areas, we suggest you ride with a companion. Our tour guides can advise you in these cases. We will provide you with a detailed road map showing all sites and group meeting points along the way.
7Do you use support vehicles and how much luggage can I bring ?
We offer the choice of a support vehicle to some of our tours or after a request on custom designed ones. Our escorted tours start/end in Thessaloniki, and as most of the riders will use our motorcycles, a support vehicle will be available for luggage and tired pillions. Each participant can bring along 1 suitcase and 1 handbag In our guided tours we do not use a support vehicle, as most participant take part with their own bikes. In every case, almost all of our bikes come with two hard panniers and you can always fit a bag on the rack
8What if I have an accident or fall sick ?
In any case it is important you carry an appropriate travel insurance that includes a clause for repatriation in case of medical problems or accident. Odyssey provides travel and medical insurance as part of the whole package, but not repatriation. EU citizens, as minimum, they should carry a European Health Insurance Card which would assist a lot in case they want to use their free National Health Care entitlement. On a guided / escorted tour, your guide will take care of you and help you out. If you are touring without a guide, and have an accident you should notify the Greek police, your travel insurance company and us immediately. Our helpline is open all day to assist you. If you fall ill you should notify your accommodation and your travel insurance company, before notifying us. Every town we visit has a pharmacist and many also have medical centres.
9How do you assign the rooms among the participants ?
Our packages are designed including overnight stay in double rooms. Single rooms are optional and subject to availability (and a slight extra cost). Our criteria for matching participants who do not know each other are simple: age, sex, interests and geographical area.
10What about my non-riding partner, friend or family members ?
All non-riding members is possible to travel in the support vehicle that follows the group at our escorted tours, or follow the group in a rental vehicle in all our tours.. Alternatively we can design a Custom Tour for you and your friends including a support vehicle.
11When is a tour cancelled ?
We have to cancel a tour: Due to unforeseen extreme weather conditions or other circumstances mentioned in detail in our Terms & Conditions document If there are insufficient customers for the tour to go ahead. We will then offer you the tour as a self-guided tour if that is practical, the same tour on a different date, or an alternative tour.
12Can my club design its own route ?
Custom route design it’s possible for clubs and riding groups of 5 or more members. We will be happy to design a tour based on your aspirations and requirements.
13Do you impose any riding conditions on your tours ?
Our insurance provider requires the driver to be over 25 years of age and to hold a motorcycle license for a minimum of two years. As Odyssey Tours we simply ask you to follow the Greek riding regulations, not to behave in a manner that would endanger other members of the group and to inform us when you plan to arrive late at the next evening’s stop. Also, consider that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will make your bike insurance void; and also it is a practice Odyssey Tours doesn’t welcome.

Money and documents

1What other costs do I have to expect ?
Although each individual trip description explains what is included with each tour, you will have to count for thinks like: hotel room service, mini bar and telephone calls from your room, tipping, souvenirs, local specialities, entry to archaeological sites, snacks, petrol and optional activities during the rest-days (4X4 jeep tour, birdwatching etc). In every case, your Odyssey guide will be available for advise on costs and rates.
2Is an International Driving Permit required ?
For non-EU citizens: Yes, along with your valid Driving License. Please always check requirements with your local Automobile Association or with our offices. EU citizens riding our bikes: No, You only need your valid EU Driving License EU citizens joining with their own bike: Along with your valid EU Driving License you will need a “Green Card” for the duration of the tour.
3What kind of ID shoud I have ?
For non-EU citizens: Your passport and a valid travelling visa (if required) EU citizens: A valid passport, or a valid national ID written in English language. In any case it is good to check with your local authorities
4What kind of documents do I have to send you to confirm my booking ?
Along with the deposit you will have to send : The rider: a copy of your Driving License and your passport. Riders joining with their own bike: a copy of your Motorcycle Insurance, Motorcycle registration, Driving License and passport. Non-riding members: a copy of your passport.
5What happens once I have booked my holiday ?
In case that you have booked a solo tour, a tour as preformed group, solo in a guaranteed departure tour, or a custom tour (individually or as a group) as soon as you book your holidays you will receive relevant payment information. Odyssey Tours sends to all customers an information pack approximate two to four weeks before departure. Our information pack includes two detailed high quality road maps, a day by day itinerary, hotel, restaurant and sight information and road tips. In case that you have booked a place in a tour that has not guaranteed departure yet a deposit should be made in order to hold you position within the tour. As soon as the places in the tour are completed and the tour has guaranteed departure you will receive relevant payment information. Odyssey Tours sends to all customers an information pack approximate two to four weeks before departure. Our information pack includes two detailed high quality road maps, a day by day itinerary, hotel, restaurant and sight information and road tips. However if there are any further questions regarding the tour please feel always free to contact us at any time.
6Is a credit card sufficient or shall I bring and cash as well ?
Most credit cards are accepted in Greece: (VISA, Mastercard, etc) and there is a wide network of ATMs that accept almost all kinds of Credit and Cash Cards. However, you will need cash for most meals, snacks, gas, entry to museums and additional activities. Cash is also the only acceptable form of payment in many small local shops.
7What happens if Odyssey Tours ceases trading ? Is my money protected ?
Odyssey Tours is a registered member (Reg. No:0937Ε600001090000) of the Greek National Tourism Organization. Their regulations impose that your monies are protected until the completion of the tour. Odyssey has also a contract with a private insurance company, so you are guaranteed that if Odyssey Tours fails for any reason you will be compensated. Please contact our office for further details.