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Information about the motorcycle tours offer

The Great Greek Odyssey 2016 details will be soon announced.

Our motorcycle tours styles

We have prepared all of our motorcycle tours with great care so that our clients get the most out of them.
We offer our motorcycle tours in different styles, in order to accommodate for the various ways of touring.

Escorted motorcycle tours

Those tours depart in scheduled dates, and there is a local, English speaking guide on a motorcycle to lead the tour, navigate, guide and make all arrangements for the group.
There is also another guide on a support vehicle for non-riders and all additional luggage you do not want to curry on your motorbike.

Guided motorcycle tours

The only difference in our guided motorcycle tours is that there is no support vehicle following the group.
All our bikes are equipped with side panniers and you can leave any extra luggage at our office or at the hotel in Thessaloniki.

Solo motorcycle tours

Those tours are suitable for those who like to travel on their own.
The routes are the same but there is no guide. We provide the hotel bookings, high quality maps, an information booklet, GPS coordinates, and there is a 24/7 helpline if something goes wrong or you need additional info or help.

Custom motorcycle tours

We can modify any of our motorcycle tours or we can create a new itinerary to meet your travelling style.
Duration, accommodation type, total/daily distance, attractions to visit and road types can be altered to plan the perfect motorcycle tour just for you or your group of friends.

  • Tours starting from Igoumenitsa Port usually do not include a support vehicle / second guide as they are intended for riders coming to Greece on their own motorcycle
  • Week long tours starting from Thessaloniki are offered in both escorted or guided versions, while longer tours are offered as escorted ( with support vehicle)

And what about the bikes?

With your own bike

You can join any of our motorcycle tours with your own bike.
Especially for solo tours or custom tours there is no limitation to motorcycle type or capacity – If you can ride it to Greece then you can do our tours!
For our scheduled motorcycle tours we are mostly use BMW GSs, so please contact us if you think that your motorcycle is not suitable for our tours.

Rental motorcycle (Fly and ride)

For our motorcycle tours in Greece, you can rent a latest model of BMW GS. Most of the bikes are R1200GS, but we also have F650GS and F800GSs available. Other models of motorcycles might be available depending on season.

What type of roads? - See our terrain-o-meter!

One of the most important aspects on a motorcycle trip is to attain a comfortable balance between the new skills you learn when ridding an unknown terrain and your ridding comfort level at that time.

We always test ride our routes and try our best to categorize them. However, you often might have to ride through a variety of terrains on just a single day if you still want to see that something different.

We have designed for you the Terrain-o-meter; telling you a bit more about how much of each type of terrain you are about to experience in each tour.

Check the terrain-o-meter

(City and A-Roads)
Although we do not really like it, we have to use some motorways and A-roads in our motorcycle tours.
We do that to save us time and relax a bit before or after difficult and demanding parts. These roads usually have 2 lanes per direction and very good surface allowing fast and easy riding.
Easy and pleasant country roads will travel us through Greek countryside!
The most common roads in Greece run between small town and villages, through fields, tree farms or forests, and they are always a pleasure to ride, as except from the scenery, you can get close to people’s everyday life.
The extensive network of small roads can be a paradise for motorcycle touring!
Great roads, with many curves ideal for riding with pace and many turns for your enjoyment!
Usually there is very little traffic, many attractions, and beautiful scenery – perfect for biking holidays
The cherry at the top of the cake!
Tight turns, hairpins, narrow roads, no traffic at all, great scenery and off the beaten track attractions.
These roads are demanding, especially for heavily loaded bikes with pillions or inexperienced riders, but this should not stop you!

If still in doubt send us an e-mail or call!